Snider, Horner & New Attrneys at Law


Fee schedules and rates are determined on a case by case basis by the attorney reviewing the case.

The following are a general outline of what fees schedules our firm offers:

Contingency Basis
Depending on the nature of your legal needs we may take your case on a contingency basis. This means that we take a percentage of the amount paid to you instead of billing you by the hour. However, you may have to pay an initial nonrefundable minimum fee depending on the type and complexity of your case. Contingency rates are usually one third (1/3) of the amount paid to you.

Flat Fees
Depending on the nature of your case and the time involved, some services may be engaged through a flat fee. Flat fees are usually reserved for routine matters where the cost of the service is a specified amount, regardless of the time or effort involved.

Hourly Rates
Most attorneys charge an hourly rate for most types of legal issues. Our hourly rates are very competitive with other attorneys in the Shelby County Area.