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“For over a decade, I have used Snider & Horner for all of my legal services. If you need an attorney, make a Wise Choice and hire Snider & Horner!”

~Andy Wise


With the recent election of David F. Kustoff to the U.S. House of Representatives and the retirement of Bernie M. Kustoff, the Law Offices of Snider & Horner, PLLC are pleased to announce the acquisition of the Kustoff Law Firm, PLLC and The Law Firm of Bernie M. Kustoff, P.C., which will become effective on December 19, 2016.

“We are very honored to complete the acquisition and transfer of these two law firms and continue the growth and expansion of our law firm which is headquartered in Germantown,” said Chief Manager and Founding Member Kevin Snider. “In addition, we are truly humbled that both David and Bernie have entrusted our firm to continue providing the exceptional services that their clients have grown accustomed to since they will no longer be practicing law,” said Snider.

As part of the acquisition and transfer, Snider & Horner will be adding two additional attorneys to their firm who formerly worked for the Kustoff Law Firm – namely Joshua B. Bradley and Julie J. Bethell.

For more information, please contact Snider & Horner, PLLC at (901) 751-3777.

In addition, since 1996, our experienced and seasoned attorneys have been involved in numerous high-profile cases in the West Tennessee court systems and have continuously been in the news offering legal analysis and opinions for our local television news stations in Memphis.

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