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What our clients are saying

Tennessee Divorce Lawyers

"I am so grateful that I went to Gail Horner and Snider & Horner for my divorce. I was concerned about all the paper work and being overwhelmed with decisions and all the complicated stuff. I was so surprised when I got the forms to fill out. They were so easy to fill out!!!! They also covered every single one of my concerns. They explained everything so there were no questions. I felt very confident with them representing me. They were very professional and proactive. Thank you, Snider & Horner! I would highly recommend you to anyone."

Very Impressed

"I contacted Snider & Horner law firm to help with settling a Landlord/Tenant dispute. I have tried representing myself in the past, but never came out with the results that I wanted. I ended up working with one of the partners – Kevin - and he was very professional and knowledgeable. He was extremely prompt in returning phone calls (on the few times he wasn’t readily available) and really knew his stuff. I came out of the lawsuit a lot further ahead that I originally was hoping and they were very reasonable. I highly recommend them and am glad to have someone I can count on in the unfortunate need of an attorney. Thanks Snider & Horner!"

Highly Recommended Legal Team

"Very appreciative of the fantastic representation provided by the Snider & Horner team!! They were very responsive to questions throughout the legal process, and did an excellent job in handling my case. Very professional! Ultimately, they were successful in negotiating an extremely satisfactory outcome to an otherwise bleak looking situation. Highly recommended legal team!!"

Great Trial Lawyers

"I have had great experiences with this firm, they treat you like family and want to do the best to protect your rights. Very intelligent and always prepared. You will never go wrong using these guys for any case you need." 

Snider & Horner Law Firm

"Very professional and personal attorneys. The attorneys at Snider & Horner law firm are ones you can trust to get the job done. I highly recommend them."

Tennessee Lawyers

"The attorneys at Snider & Horner are intelligent, hard-working, and most importantly – they WIN. I’ve got them on my speed dial in case I need their services, and I recommend others do the same. "

Confident Approach

"We contacted Snider & Horner law firm in the middle of an ongoing case; with 2 weeks until our next court date we were concerned our previous attorney was not taking a confident stance against the defense. After meeting with Snider & Horner, we transferred our case to their hands. We were impressed at the amount of preparation they did for our first case (understanding where we were and where we wanted to be); we won. We just went to court again and were very impressed with the confidence, strength, and clarity with which Mr. Snider handled the proceedings. We won again. Having gone through a few attorneys we found we couldn’t trust, we can with confidence say Snider & Horner law firm is one we trust, depend on, and enjoy working with. For the unfortunate who need an attorney, fortunately there’s a good one hanging around!" 

Tennessee Personal Injury Attorney

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! These guys and girls have been the BEST guys and girls to have on my side. I really felt at ease at court with Kevin Snider, Gail Horner, and their associates by my side. They never lost communication with me and always responded quickly. I had complete confidence in Kevin, Gail, and their entire staff since the first consultation and really couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome I got. I also never felt like they were in it “for the money” which takes the stress of such an expense off my chest. I hope I never need a lawyer again, but if I do, they have a customer for life." 

#1 Tennessee Attorney

"I would like to express my gratitude to Kevin at Snider & Horner law firm for helping me out with my criminal case. He was very professional and informative and never left me second guessing on what would happen and was always there to answer all my questions about what I should be expecting. I never had to worry about the “IF” questions going through my mind because they were all taken care of. Kevin is so knowledgeable and has many years of experience. I’m so glad he was able to take my case and get it resolved in a quick and timely manner. I will always go back to Snider & Horner law firm for everything - they make you feel like family. I love how I didn’t feel judged by my actions and why I needed a lawyer to represent me which made me feel a lot better. I hope I never need a lawyer again, but if I do, I know who to call. You won’t be disappointed with this law firm you will have such an amazing experience. I highly recommend!!! Fast, easy, friendly, professional staff. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me, I can’t even begin to let you know what it meant to me."

Brilliant Attorney

"Mr. Snider is a top-notch attorney and I would recommend him and his firm to anyone needing a brilliant and experienced attorney."

Top Notch Attorney

"Mr. Snider is a top-notch consumer attorneys that assisted our company tremendously!"

Excellent Attorney
"Mr. Snider and Mrs. Horner handled my divorce in 2008. Exceptional attorney, very thorough."

Deficiency Case

"I used Mr. Snider when I had a dispute over a deficiency amount I was being sued over. From the time I walked in the office for the initial consultation to the trial, he and his staff kept me very informed (email, phone calls, etc.) and made me feel like I mattered. The professionalism that Mr. Snider and his office staff provided is unheard of nowadays, it’s more about the money and not the client. Mr. Snider took my case and we ended up going to trial. I would highly recommend Mr. Snider and his firm to anyone that is looking for a great lawyer that is going to provide you professionalism, knowledge of your case, honesty and keep you informed on what is going on."

Dental Bill

"I used Mr. Snider when I had a dispute with a bill at a dentist office that I did not owe. Attorney Snider kept me very informed on my case with letters and let me know what was going on with my case. I did not have to pay the bill the dentist said I owed. I recommend all my family and friends to him as well. If needed, I would use Mr. Snider again in the future. Mr. Snider and his wonderful office staff were very professional and caring at the same time." 

Auto Accident Case

"Mr. Snider is an excellent attorney. He was my Attorney for an auto accident case, in which the insurance company refused to pay for damages to my vehicle by their insured. The case took some amount of time due to the insurance company and he kept me updated every step of the way. The insurance company ended up paying for the repairs as well as damages to my vehicle. I would definitely recommend Mr. Snider to everyone."

Our Attorney for 7 Years

"If you are looking for one of the best attorneys since Perry Mason, you need to call Kevin Snider. He is a brilliant lawyer who has served our company and our family with excellence for the past seven years."

Highly Recommend Kevin Snider

"My husband and I hired Mr. Kevin Snider to represent us in a lawsuit against a crook that we unknowingly hired to fabricate/install the granite countertops in our new home. This was the first lawsuit (and hopefully the last) that my husband and I have ever had to go through. Kevin was there throughout this entire process. Kevin is very honest, professional, intelligent, dignified and effective. " 

One of the Best Firms to Work With

"I have worked with numerous attorneys and law firms over the years in a wide range of situations and have found this firm to be one of the best to work with in many ways. No one looks forward to being involved in any lawsuit but having the right attorney and law firm that will look out for your best interest is what we all want. The communication is one of the factors that impressed me the most. When I called with questions I always received prompt responses so I could take care of the matters at hand and move on with other business. I would highly recommend this firm for legal representation and would use them again myself!"